solutions for individuals

personal accident and sickness solutions for your client’s most crucial asset, themselves.

not one is the same
From bricklayers to barristers, biochemists to barbers, the Blend Individual Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance product helps to protect the livelihood of individuals against unforeseen events whilst working or during travel to and from their workplace.

Individual Personal Accident & sickness insurance is designed to cover an individual in the event they have an accident or suffer an injury or illness which impacts their ability to
continue working in the capacity they had been.

available Product

As a blend broker, you can access our individual personal accident and sickness insurance product via the broker portal and tailor a policy that’s particular to your clients’ circumstances.

the product can support your client by

  • Enabling them to meet ongoing financial commitments including providing for their family or continuing business operations
  • Providing cover in circumstances where they may not be covered under their relevant state’s workers compensation scheme (e.g. Directors in some states)
  • Ensuring they comply with a workplace contract where mandatory cover is required (e.g. on some construction sites)
  • Allowing cover to be arranged over and above workers compensation limits already in place

why blend for

up to 100%

weekly benefits up to 100% of salary up to $5,000 per week

agreed value available

Agreed value for weekly benefits of up to $1,500 per week

up to 2 year benefit period

Benefit period up to 104 weeks and waiting period from 7 days

mental illness

No exclusion for first-presentation mental illness or conditions

high age cover options

levels of cover available up to 80 years of age

occupation appetite

we consider over 800 occupation types including:
  • building & trades
  • hospitality
  • medical & allied health
  • construction & engineering
  • manufacturing
  • white collar & professional services
  • mining & resources
  • transportation
  • hazardous activities and/or amateur sports considered on request

work-related injury/illness rate, by age group

The ABS found that the age brackets with the highest rates of work-related injury or illness among persons who had worked at some time in 2017-18 were:

50-54 years old (5.8%); followed by

20-24 years old (5.5%).