solutions for groups

accident & sickness solutions for your clients employees or members

not one group of is the same
From corporations to community clubs, volunteering groups to sporting associations, blend has a host of accident insurance solutions available to help protect the livelihood of groups of people.

Group accident and sickness insurance is designed to cover groups of people in the event they have an accident or suffer an injury or illness which impacts their ability to continue working in their usual occupation or capacity.

available Products

As a blend broker, you can access our accident, sickness and travel insurance covers, or tailor a bespoke policy that’s particular to your clients circumstances.

our products can support your clients by

  • Enabling them to protect their employees’ or members’ income against injury or sickness
  • Differentiating and attracting and/or retaining employees via a unique employee benefit program or an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA)
  • Ensuring they comply with a workplace contract where mandatory cover is required (e.g. on some construction sites)
  • Allowing cover to be arranged over and above workers compensation limits already in place

why blend for

takeover provisions

can be considered

mental illness

no exclusion for first presentation mental illness or conditions

top-up solutions

to complement existing workers compensation

enterprise bargaining agreement

solutions up to 100% of salary

direct contact

with a local underwriting team with authority

occupation appetite

we consider over 800 occupation types including:
  • building & trades
  • construction & engineering
  • hospitality
  • medical & allied health
  • manufacturing
  • transportation
  • white collar & professional services
  • mining & resources
  • amateur sporting associations

in practice: work-related injuries & illness

Did you know? In 2017-2018, 563,600 people experienced a recent work-related injury or illness.

For the same period, the occupation groups that experienced the
highest rates of work-related injury or illness among employed
persons were technicians and trades workers (7.2%), community
and personal service workers (6.9%), followed by machinery
operators and drivers and labourers (both 5.7%).

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