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Blend’s accident, sickness and travel claims are handled by specialist third party claims handlers.

The claims handler applicable to you is specified in your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS):

CSN and EML have significant industry experience and work closely with both us and Allied World to ensure all claims are handled in an expert manner.

how to make a claim

You must provide notification in writing within thirty (30) days of an event that is likely to give rise to a claim. If it is not possible to notify within that time, you must notify as soon as reasonably possible.

Once notified of a claim, the relevant claims handler will provide you with a claim reference and outline what You need to provide in support of your claim to be considered.

You must fully complete and return the claim form (as relevant) and provide the supporting documentation to
them. This information can include health certificates, medical practitioners’ reports, employer reports and related evidence of the claim.

CSN Contact details

claim forms
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+61 2 8256 1770

GPO Box 4276,  Sydney, NSW 2001

eml contact details

claim form
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+61 2 8251 9000 / 1800 469 931 (toll free)

GPO Box 4580, Sydney, NSW 2000