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From clubs and associations to national sporting bodies

Blend has sports group accident insurance solutions available to help protect the livelihood of groups of amatuer sports people.

Sports Group Personal Accident Insurance is designed to cover groups of amateur sports people in the event they have an accident or suffer an injury or illness, on or off the sporting field, which impacts their ability to continue working in their usual occupation or capacity.

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  • Direct contact with underwriters who have significant experience in underwriting sports risks

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tailorable sports group benefits*

core benefits
Weekly Benefit for Accidental Injury

Provides cover for weekly salary if an insured suffers an accidental injury that within twelve (12) months directly results in them being temporarily disabled and unable to attend their occupation.

There are some terms and conditions that apply and in addition to the general exclusions we will not pay for claims resulting from childbirth or pregnancy apart from any unexpected and unforeseen medical complications or emergencies.

Lump Sum Benefits

Provides a lump sum payment, when, due to an Accidental Injury, one (1) or more of the specified Events occur within twelve (12) months of the Accidental Injury. See the PDS to review the Events along with corresponding percentage of the lump sum amount payable for each Event.

*This is a general summary only and does not form part of the Policy and cannot be relied on as a full description of the cover provided.

Please refer to the relevant sections of the Policy and Your Policy Schedule for full benefit details and applicable terms, limitations, conditions and exclusions.