pre-existing medical

we understand everyone is different and many people have pre-existing medical conditions at the time of seeking cover.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition means any physical or mental condition, sickness, illness, disease, or condition:

a. for which You have received or sought medical attention, treatment, testing or advice in the three (3) years immediately prior to the Period of Insurance; or

b. for which You are aware or a reasonable person in the circumstances could be expected to be aware in the six (6) months prior to the Period of Insurance.

An insured person will not be covered for any claim that arises directly or indirectly due to a Pre-existing Medical Condition unless We have specifically agreed to extend the cover as specified on Your Policy Schedule. Blend can work with you to understand a client’s pre-existing medical conditions and determine what level of cover can be included in a policy for them.

the blend approach to pre-existing
medical conditions

For the avoidance of doubt Pre-Existing Medical Conditions include congenital or degenerative conditions and ongoing or recurring medical conditions (conditions that keep coming back).

Notwithstanding above, any physical or mental condition, sickness, illness, disease, or condition will not be deemed to be a Pre-Existing Medical Condition where You have been covered under a personal accident and sickness insurance policy underwritten by Us for the period or periods of insurance immediately prior to the Period of Insurance.

requesting cover for a client's pre-existing medical conditions

If You would like us to consider providing cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions You need to tell Us during the application or online quote process. We may request additional information to assess Your request. The information provided will be reviewed and where We agree to extend the cover it may result in a higher Premium and/or a reduction in coverage.

*This is a general summary only and does not form part of the Policy and cannot be relied on as a full description of the cover provided.

Please refer to the relevant sections of the Policy and Your Policy Schedule for full benefit details and applicable terms, limitations, conditions and exclusions.