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Whether your clients’ insurance cover needs are straightforward or a little more niche than usual, we’ve got the solution. As a blend broker, you can access standard accident, sickness and travel insurance covers, or tailor a bespoke policy that’s particular to your clients’ circumstances.


These products are in support of large accounts and our specialist broker partners.

group personal accident

Group Personal Accident and Sickness insurance covers a group of people bound by a common interest such as an employer, association or industry.

blend’s personal accident and sickness policy offers a range of benefits that can be tailored to meet the needs of any group, providing insured people with financial support when it’s needed most.

In the event of injury or sickness, benefits are payable in the form of lump sum or weekly benefits. The policy also allows for a number of corporate protection benefits in instances where the client has been impacted by an injury or sickness suffered by an employee.

individual personal accident

Our Individual Personal Accident product covers a variety of occupations. The product provides lump sum benefits due to death or permanent disability from accidental injury and weekly benefits for temporary disablement due to accidental, injury or sickness.

Even if you already hold some type of insurance, your existing policies may not cover you for serious accidents that can prevent you from continuing your busy lifestyle or returning to work. A serious injury can have a huge impact on you and your family due to medical expenses, reduced income, and your inability to return to normal duties at work.

Blend Personal Accident Insurance provides a lump sum payout on eligible claims regardless of whether you return to work or not. This cover provides certainty in what is often a very uncertain and unsettling time.

voluntary workers

Volunteers have an important role and are not eligible for Workers Compensation. Our product provides protection against financial loss if an injury occurs whilst conducting voluntary work.

While an unpaid worker is not covered by workers compensation, they still face the risk of injury while performing their duties. This could prevent them from participating in their usual paid employment and leave them susceptible to substantial expenses. A comprehensive voluntary workers policy will ensure associations meet their duty of care obligations to this valuable resource.


Where an employee is excluded from journey cover under their state’s Workers Compensation system, Journey cover provides a lump sum benefit in the event of death or permanent disability, or weekly benefits in the event of accidental injury sustained while travelling to and from work.

Our Journey policy protects employees in transit to and from their place of work if Workers’ Compensation doesn’t provide cover. Choose between capital benefits cover or weekly benefits for injury or illness.

business travel

Our Business Travel Insurance product covers expenses for medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation and assistance, flight cancellations and lost luggage for employees whilst travelling for business.

Managing the risks associated with employees travelling to perilous or remote locations can be particularly challenging. In the event of a serious medical condition, natural disaster or political unrest, a swift response and evacuation are imperative. blend Business Travel Insurance provides cover for employees travelling for business purposes and is designed to cover almost any mishap.

When purchasing Blend corporate travel insurance, a company’s employees are immediately covered by our emergency assistance services.


If your client has particular needs that can’t be met by our market-aligned products, we’ll work with you to tailor bespoke solutions in a transparent and consultative way.

At blend, we service the market needs of today while designing products for tomorrow. If you have a product concept or idea that answers a specific unmet market need and you’d like to validate it, get in touch so we can bring it to life together.

It’s our priority to develop both corporate and consumer solutions that complement one another by addressing both markets, to avoid overlapping and confusion. If it’s not designed to simplify and improve the user experience, it’s not blend.